Best battery for replacement : OEM vs Aftermarkets

Best battery for replacement : OEM vs Aftermarkets

At FXitRight we always make sure that we are selling best parts to our customers. Identifying the right battery is tricky job. When you are replacing battery for phone or laptop, it’s important that the components be well made not only for battery performance but also for safety.


Original replacement battery can come by the original equipment supplier sourced by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), aftermarket factory, or from devices that have been taken apart. All of these sources can have different quality, which is why it’s important to test and have good standards in place. Sildenafil Citrate

Why don’t we always suggest OEM batteries?

Nowadays getting original parts from manufacturer is not as easy as it used to be. There was a time when apple had user removable batteries which they had sell in stores but after redesigning the mobiles and laptops with in-built batteries, they stop selling replacements for new models. Now they won’t sell       the batteries because they have services charges added which is more expensive.

Unlikely apple, Motorola were selling their OEM parts only to approved repair providers, apart from these the only way was buying it from grey market which possibly include factory rejects, refurbished parts or flat-out, counterfeits (aftermarket batteries with the OEM brand stamped on them).

Batteries have limited shelf life. You might have seen some poorly performing OEM apple batteries that turned turned out to simply be old. That’s why sometimes new aftermarket batteries are better than five years old OEM batteries.

Apple, Microsoft and other major companies don’t make there on batteries they source batteries from factories just like we do. Because newer device better batteries. We experienced that sometimes aftermarket batteries are equal or higher in capacity than original one.

There are some aftermarket product manufacturers who aren’t able to achieve the capacity of the original batteries. we’ll typically pass and find someone who can meet a higher standard. Resellers sometimes confuse consumer by lying and saying that battery has a certain capacity when it’s actually much lower. Buy Suhagra online


Not every battery seller you find online will provide a quality components “FXitRight has a reputation and a standard to uphold,” that’s why we always make sure that our customer should get the best service and products.