Retro Review: iPhone 2G vs iPhone 7

iPhone 2G vs iPhone 7

Ever wonder about the differences between the original Apple iPhone 2G and the iPhone 7?iphone repair oxnard ca

Apples iPhones are absolutely common on the market today because these ooze fashion and sophistication.

If you remember back in the day, phones with tons of features may have looked ugly, but now the iPhone provides you a gorgeous phone along with all the features that we MUST have to get by daily.

This video from the guys over at EverythingApple Pro looks at the similarities and differences of the very first iPhone 2G and the iPhone 7.

Typically, people who have the Apple iPhone are proud mobile phone owners and with good reason.

Among all, iPhone is a great phone with respect to technology and applications supported.

Regardless of the upgrades the new iPhone 8 is anticipated to have, it’s still pretty cool to look at the growth of the operating systems, speed, camera functions, and sizing.

This 6-minute video uncovers things like the fact that the newer iPhone 7 is 120 times faster than the original iPhone 2G…120 TIMES FASTER!

What should not be a surprise is that the apps are just a little outdated…5 years in most cases.

We hope you are still not using the original iPhone 2G, but this video is pretty cool look at the 9 year anniversary of the Apple iPhone as we await the roll out of the new iPhone 8.

As always, we hope you enjoy the video and if you’re searching for Smartphone repair or iPhone repair in Oxnard or Ventura, come by and see us today.

Until then, enjoy the video below and visit EverythingApple Pro for more cool videos.

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