New iPhone 8 Features Leak

New iPhone 8 Features

It’s about that time of year.

The new iPhone leaks are here. This year, it’s time for the iPhone 8 release.New iPhone 8 Features

Some of our loyal customers come in and ask us questions about what we know and quite honestly, we can’t keep up.

Once again, we enlisted the team we follow over at Everything Apple Pro to help explain some of the new rumored features.

As with all of their videos, these guys provide

In this video you find information on:

iPhone battery updates!

As iPhone owners, we all can agree that as much as we love the look and feel of our new iPhones, the battery life is not the best feature. Well, it looks like the team over at Apple have attempted to fix that issue in this newest release.

Shrinking the screen?

Again, just a rumor, but it looks like the screen will undergo another change. Shrinkage (insert your own joke here).

Price increase

If you have the rumored $1k for the new iPhone, we hope you enjoy. This rumor does happen with each release however. Keep in mind that this is also the reason for the iPhone 7 Plus being the next best thing for a little cheaper than the iPhone 8.

Less interruptions

This one is in reference to the buttons they are rumored to be taking away. The guys explain this in more detail in this video.

Wireless charging?

Let’s see if this rumor actually happens.

These are just some of the rumors in this video. Some of the features look cool, some of them raise questions about pricing and the accessories we may be forced to purchase. Either way, take a look at the video below and let us know what you think.



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