Look at these 10 Secret iPhone Tips and Tricks in iOS 10

10 Secret iPhone Tips and Tricks in iOS 10


This video is awesome. It is part of a 3-part series giving us a look at 10 Secret iPhone tips and tricks in iOS 10. If you enjoyed the first two videos, you will definitely like this one.

Click the video below to watch the details of each, but here is a quick overview of what’s inside.


How to find how much storage you have and how to clear up space. Clear up close to 2GB!


How to change your labels for a clean look and get rid of your status bar.

Folder Names

 How to create a blank folder name.

Secret Video Recording and Pictures

Showing how to record video and take pictures with your locked phone screen.

Custom Fonts to Snapchat

Use Snapchat? You will like this one.


Don’t like getting update notifications? Quick tip on how to trick your iPhone.

Extra Dim

Getting your phone to dim even more than usual…but be careful

Disable Animations

Want a faster device? This one will work for your iPhone or iPad.

Round Folder

Most won’t use this one, but still nice to know

Hiding Apps

 Want to hide an app on your phone? Take a look.


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Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJJJw2X8vJY